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THE HATE WE GIVEThis topic is the title of a film I highly recommend to all mature minds out there. “The Hate We Give” might seem like a human rights movie, but to me it was much more than that. It was also talking (or should I say mainly) talking about children. The hate weContinue reading “THE HATE WE GIVE”

Success is normal

SUCCESS IS NORMALWe’re now in an age where success is seen as a privilege. We might not say it out loud, but it reflects sometimes in our everyday-lives. Failure looks more like what we deserve these days and we’re “lucky” if we succeed. I’m here to abolish that unwritten rule.But before we go any further,Continue reading “Success is normal”

This is Inspiring Stars

You’re welcome to this wonderful website. Meant to give you enough dose of facts that’ll inspire the leader which is inherent in everyone of us We can promise that there isn’t a site like this as we’re very unique in our operations. We’re indeed one of a kind. We believe that everyone is a bornContinue reading “This is Inspiring Stars”

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